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Welcome to Law Exim ! FOREIGN TRADE POLICY

IN INDIA RULES/ REGULATIONS ARE MADE FOR EXPORT -IMPORT IN FOREIGN TRADE POLICY. Presently Policy is amended for the period for 2009-14.

IMPORT-EXPORT IS GOVERNED BY DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF FOREIGN TRADE (DGFT). It is a Govt. Organisation responsible for framing all policies regarding exports and imports in India. At present Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14 is applicable.

For convenience of general public certain power of DGFT have been transferred to concerned Regional Licensing Authorities (RLA) who function in their regions.

All/ Any License/ application regarding export - import lies only to DGFT/ RLA.
Any person desirous of import-export has to first take Importer Exporter Code (IEC) from concerned RLA.
DGFT has announced certain promotional measures including Duty Exemptions for promoting export in India.
We may assist you in identify the promotional measure suitable for your product, prepare applications, documents requires and take all necessary steps in getting the benefit of such promotion measure.

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